Lisa Plaut

2022, Upcoming: Open studios at the Boghossian Fondation, Villa Empain, Brussels, BE

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, from 11am till 6pm

2022, A dome of many coloured glass, NL

with Ceel mogami de Haas, Bologna Cc, Amsterdam
BABY'S view
Intestinal astrology . room view
A valley of many coloured grass
A valley of many coloured grass, detail
Oil pastel on Toile, latex, pigments, laser cuted latex embellishments
Hadès garden detail
Ceramic, ribbon, corset bones, curtain pins, magnets
Intestinal astrology, silkscreen on someone's mother bedsheet
BABY'S, Zinc, plaster, pencil, macaroon
BABY'S detail
BABY'S lost macaroon
Defecating lavender

2021, I feel an amnesia of the present,...NL

Jan van Eyck academie open studios, Maastricht, NL
2021 I feel an amnesia of the present,...
exhibition view
exhibition view 2
Sesame street
Detail Minnie
Hungry eye-ball

2020, The harnessing of domesticated animals, BE

Tamat, Musée de la tapisserie et de arts textiles, Tournai, BE
she also,.. clay object series
She also applied nail hardener daily and painted them reflective gold.Unfortunately, she broke her nail in a 2009 car accident and has no plans to regrow them
room view
Song series
flowers 2000
the battle of Jerusalem

2020, Life Soup, Munich, GR

Group show , Munich, Halle 6

Hyères#34 collaboration with Yana Monk, FR

Rubber shoulder piece
Jewellery box
Copper tablet

2019, The fountain show, UK

Sundy Gallery, London
Distillery with Ceel mogami de Haas

2019, Idle juice, FR

Espace de céramique et d'art contemporain Terrail, Vallauris FR
Idle juice portrait clay
Idle juice portrait stoneware
Flower picker Bronze Prize

2018, Peeling, NL

2018 Gerrit Rietveld graduation show
flower mimicry . tapestry cartoon
flags of the synthetic self
Flags of the synthetic self with @by.charlatan posing
polyester that looks like silk
model. 40 % of the work
40 % tapestry cartoon
Banana ring